Plan a product launch campaign

Business Benefits

Plan and coordinate your efforts to debut a new product to the market while analyzing customer’s needs to develop a marketing strategy that resonates, builds brand loyalty, and increases sales.

Identify your customer’s needs using and how your product will fulfill them with surveys, social media analytics and other user research methods.

Research what kind of campaigns your competitors have run in the past.

  • Prepare SEO keywords that target both organically and inorganically amongst the two brands - research their popularity and difficulty through SEO Keyword Research Tools such as HOTH or SEMRush
  • SEO keywords are the keywords your customers are searching for that should lead them to your company
  • Identify all gaps you may have in your digital marketing strategy in comparison to your leading competitors: website, social media, email marketing, Google Adwords, etc.

Define your product’s strongest selling points and create your Unique Selling Proposition.

USP should include: customer’s needs, competitor’s offerings, distinctive benefits, and brand promise.

Conduct a series of beta-tests and get your product out to a smaller test market before your launch to get rid of the “kinks” and ensure product sustainability.

Once you’ve received feedback and perfected your final product, it’s ready for launch to the public.

Launch by sending out email blasts, social media posts, and updating your landing pages with the correct purchase info.

Perform surveys and other data collecting processes to determine where you can improve for your next product launch

Keep testing your markets with different strategies to see what works best - and don’t be afraid to switch it up and get creative.

Try out A/B testing with different ads and marketing strategies and continually revise your strategy for different aspects of your audience demographic.

This is waaaaaay too generic. Can we get some more specifics, examples, or case studies?



Firstly welcome to the community. Really appreciate you taking a look and giving feedback. This type of critique is exactly what we are after.

I agree this playbook is a bit weak and we already identified it as a culprit. @naomi_kramer has kindly converted one of our blog’s New Product Launch Marketing Plan With Examples - CXL by Tom Whatley to a playbook hub.

Inside it you will find playbooks on each stage that are hopefully more specific. The blog should also provide some extra background.

Would you mind sharing with me a bit more detail about the specifics you where after, perhaps i can find resources in our library to work into this playbook?