Plan a LinkedIn video strategy

Business Benefits

Consistently create video content on your LinkedIn profile that supports your business goals.

Set specific goals and decide how you will track and measure them.

For example, your goal might be to increase the number of comments on your LinkedIn video posts, and every week you will make a note in a spreadsheet of the number of comments your videos received.

Audit your previous LinkedIn video content and make notes on which ones performed well.

For example, make note of the ones that received good engagement-comments, shares, private messages that came as a direct result of the video.

Research your competitors’ account to see which types of video content seem to perform well and why.

Look at the profiles of people operating in a similar sphere to you. In a spreadsheet, make a note of the frequency of their videos, length and the type of content they are sharing. For example, every week Competitor #1 posts a 2-minute video roundup of industry news. In the same spreadsheet, measure engagement by noting how many comments these videos are receiving.

Based on your research, and your resources, decide on the format of your videos-average length, technology used, and editing required.

You want it to be sustainable for you to do regularly For example, a one-minute video, filmed on your phone, with captions added to it using Filmora.

Choose whether you will upload the video natively, livestream, or link to an externally hosted video.

LinkedIn will give you better reach for native videos and livestreams, but an externally hosted video will give you more detailed stats. To livestream you will first need to apply to do so with LinkedIn.

Use a spreadsheet tool such as Airtable to create a content calendar and include the concept of each video, recording date, and publication date.

Include the frequency of your output in the spreadsheet. For example, one video a week. Set reminders on your main calendar to never miss a deadline.

Add a post-publication workflow to your spreadsheet and outline the specific steps you will take after your video is published to reach your goals.

For example, sharing your video in a LinkedIn article, or forwarding it by direct message to key contacts.

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