Our Ecommerce Marketing Minidegree is now live on Product Hunt

Few years ago, having a strong acquisition funnel was enough to survive in ecommerce.

Today, it is not. You need to master acquisition, retention, strategy and measurement to really build a profitable ecom business.

That’s why we decided to create a training program that will make you an expert in all those areas. Our new Ecommerce Marketing Minidegree is the whole puzzle.

It includes everything you need to win in ecom:

  • 4 tracks (acquisition, retention, strategy, measurement)

  • 18 top 1% ecom marketers as your instructors

  • 20+ course (all from TikTok ads, ad creative, to data and tech stack)

  • 36 hours of practical, fluff-free video material

We’d appreciate your support on our launch. Check it out

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