Optimize trust elements on lists & search results



Business Benefits

Build credibility and trust, reduce cart abandonment, and increase sales.

Clearly display product ratings and reviews beside or under products on products lists and search results.

If you use Shopify, you can install a plugin like Stamped.io or the Shopify Product Review app to help you prominently display product ratings and reviews. Alternatively, ask your web developer or use a different platform.

Push products with ratings and reviews up in your product lists and search results to facilitate user navigation.

Sort the products by the number of reviews by default.

Configure your filters and sorting tools to always show products with the highest ratings first when users filter or sort by specific options.

Use tools like Customer Reviews for WooCommerce to ask and incentivize customers to leave reviews on past purchases to avoid products with no reviews or ratings from being stuck at the bottom of search results pages.

Configure Customer Reviews for WooCommerce to automatically email past customers and generate coupon codes for customers who review their purchases.

Suggest similar products or redirect users to your home or category page whenever they misspell search terms, use synonyms, or search for non-existent products to avoid search pages with zero results.

For example, show results for “microwave safe plates” if you don’t sell microwaves but users search for “microwave,” “microwafe plate,” or “microwave friendly plate.”

Show pictures of customers using your products via social feeds to build social proof.

Display trust badges and logos of payment processors or accepted payment methods in the footer of your website to build credibility.

For example, if you offer multiple payment options, show the Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or bank logos in the footer.