Optimize post-click user experience

Business Benefits

Improve engagement and conversions by meeting the pre-click-through interests and expectations of your site’s visitors.

Match your ad’s copy to the landing page’s headline to assure users that they have come to the right place.

For example, see how this Google ad leads to the right landing page and the headline copy is the same.

Prominently include on your landing page any information promised in your ad so that site visitors stay.

For example, if your ad promises to answer How much can I weigh without being considered overweight? then your target audience should find that information directly after clicking, instead of landing on a broad topic like What’s the right weight for my height that contains the answer somewhere in its body.

Add trigger words to your ads, homepage and site navigation.

Conduct a study with potential customers about the words they think about when trying to find something online. Check if they are finding results with those trigger words and how many times such words are appearing on your landing page.

Use the same headline, design and color scheme in your ad and landing page, so that site visitors get a feeling of continuity.

Check this example of a good design match for a blog post template ad.