Optimize organic Instagram content

Business benefits

Create visual, emotional Instagram content that shows personality and value, while also generating organic reach.

Define your brand’s personality on Instagram based on the emotions and tone you want to convey.

For example, Noom, a science-based weight loss app, has an educational yet playful Instagram personality. Its posts are full of color, how-to guides, and quick research-backed tips that are presented in a casual, conversational tone.

Pick hooks that fit your brand’s Instagram personality. Use these frequently.

For example, if your brand’s Instagram personality is compassionate, your most common hooks may involve hope, social validation, and making others feel good. Helpful how-to style Instagram Reels about self-care and posts with human-focused images that tell other people’s stories fit this brand personality.

Tell a story through your posts, using the head-body-tail framework.

One photo can tell a whole story, while the caption adds brief context and clarity, like Nike’s Instagram post about their shoes being made of recycled material. It catches the eye with a unique image (head), tells the story in a brief caption (body), and then calls the viewer to action to follow the link in the bio to read more about it (tail).

Add relevant hashtags to your Instagram captions to boost discoverability.

Most brands use 1-3 hashtags for their posts; Whole Foods uses the branded #wholefoodsmarket hashtag and HelloFresh uses 3, including #foodstyling. If your goal is to gain more exposure on Instagram, use more hashtags, either at the end of your caption or in a separate comment.

Experiment with different formats, styles, and content ideas to see what works for your audience and brand.

Until you find a mix, frequency, and style that work for your brand, experiment with:

  • Instagram Reels: videos like TikTok.
  • Instagram Stories: more interactive posts that go away in 24 hours.
  • IGTV videos: long-form videos.
  • Image feed posts.

Create image or video vignettes that showcase an inside look into your brand or a customer.

For example, have a junior employee give a tour of the office, show a behind-the-scenes look into a photoshoot, or feature one of your B2B customers using your service.

Create audiograms to turn content that is not typically visual, like a podcast or an interview, into a visual post that works for Instagram.

Look at examples from GetAudiogram.

Use Instagram Stories to create temporary promotional content, interact with your audience through polls or Q&As, or include a direct link.

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