Optimize Google Shopping ad campaigns

Business Benefits

Target users with high purchase intent and increase ROI.

Start with a focus on your high-margin products, especially if this is your first time optimizing Google Shopping campaigns.

Update your product data in the Google Merchant Center at least every 30 days, since Google prioritizes recent or new products and may expire ads whose products haven’t been refreshed.

Rewrite your product title with the product’s main keyword at the very beginning instead of the product name or brand, since Google uses keyword placement to determine ad ranking.

Ensure the product image is a clear, detailed photo of the product against a white background.

Target your ad campaign at high- or very high-intent search terms, such as specific product types, categories of branded products, individual SKUs, or exact product names.

Go to Keywords > Negative Keywords and add specific terms for which you never want your Google Shopping ads to be displayed.

This helps to optimize your ad spend.

Turn off the options to expand your Google Shopping ad campaign’s reach to YouTube, the Discover on Display network, or Google’s search network, to boost your campaign’s quality.

Add a remarketing segmentation list to the Observation (recommended) setting in your Merchant Center’s targeting page.

This allows you to bid separately on return customers, while still showing your Google Shopping campaign to the general public.

Turn on Smart Bidding to maximize conversion values based on factors like user location and current device.

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