Optimize ecommerce homepage

Business Benefits

Grab audience attention, communicate your value, and drive online sales.

Perform a homepage audit.

Highlight your unique selling proposition above the homepage fold.

Implement a clearly visible site search with common product filters.

Clearly show current sales and coupon offers.

Display best-selling products or product categories with clear calls to action.

Remove unnecessary designs and images that could clutter the homepage or divert attention.

Review and optimize your copy for brand and product-relevant SEO keywords.

Create a personalized experience for logged-in returning customers.

Build a footer that includes your physical address, contact information, and evidence of your site’s security like a trust badge.

Test your updated homepage design for UX, mobile optimization, and conversion rate.

A playbook on how to carry out a homepage audit would be useful. I tend to favor starting with a tool like Hotjar or Microsoft Clarity so I can review some scroll and click maps, followed by some session recording. I then turn to usability testing for more specific issues around comprehension. I also like to use things like a five-second test and a first-click test.

AB testing is probably the single best way of optimizing your e-commerce homepage, presuming your website has reasonable traffic levels.