Open position: Content Marketer with CRO Capabilities

A new opportunity with AddSearch became available! They are looking for a Content/CRO-focused Digital Marketer to join their team :top:

Key skills and tasks include:

  • Advanced content, messaging, and CRO skills.
  • SEO and Paid Media skills needed to oversee the SEO and Paid Media agency they work with.
  • Website management, landing page creation, and optimization. The AddSearch website is on WP so an understanding of WP is needed.
  • Their product is pretty technical, so they expect the person to be able to feel comfortable with learning to understand the product and translate this into content targeted to business people.

Some must-haves for the position :100:

  • Most of their remote team works in a time zone close to Finland -+3 hours.
  • Create high-level marketing strategies.

The compensation package for this position is 50,000 USD max, with the benefits below:

  • Stock option program
  • Learning Platform
  • Other bonuses to be negotiated for each person :handshake:

Let us know in the comments why you think you are a good fit :slight_smile:


Hi @alejandra ,

I am interested in this position.

I am a great fit because I have 5 years of both technical and managerial experience in a marketing agency.

I also have hands-on experience building Wordpress CMS websites for industries ranging from e-commerce, personal brands, logistics, etc.

I have also created full-funnel marketing systems and modified existing ones for CRO in e-commerce, healthtech and climate tech industries.


Hi! I am interested in the position. I have over 3 years of digital marketing experience. Have worked with clients from different industries (food, fashion, IT, and automotive) and offered services from landing page optimization, paid ads, social media management, and design.

Currently working with Electric Motorcycle start-up, have increased organic traffic from scratch to 15k+/month in 9 months and conversion rate from 0.8% to over 2.5% through web optimization and digital marketing. I have worked on WordPress and know basic HTML and CSS. I completed CRO mini-degree from CXL last year, and now I am enrolled in Digital Marketing mini degree, which I have completed over 60%. I am an avid learner, keep learning and improving my skills, and believe in data-driven marketing.


Hi Stephen!

We’ll contact you with next steps to follow in order to complete your application then :slight_smile:

Hi Umer!

We’ll contact you with next steps to follow in order to complete your application then :slight_smile:

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Hi@alejandra I am interested in the position. I have experience with Seo in different industries ranging from health,fashion, etc…
I 'm working with a company that building WordPress websites and I write technical contents for their blog and I have experience in write pretty technical contents ( I collaborate with newspaper for technology article) I have Cro abilities and I collaborate with two company for Ab copy test-heuristic analysis ,user persona analysis


Got it! Will be completing my application. Thank You!

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Dear Alejandra,

Here’s why I’m the best fit.

I have a 4 year full-funnel digital marketing experience with specialty in CRO, Content Writing, and Product Messaging.

I have led landing page writing, design and optimization campaigns. This means I’m well versed in getting the best results with the user’s pre & post landing page experience, including paid media.

The aforementioned is proof that I’m a fast learner and self motivated. Understanding a technical product in record time is child’s play for me.

I’m hopeful for a positive consideration.



HI @alejandra ,

I am Saurabh Dugar and i believe i am good fit for Job. I have Knowledge of SEO, SEM (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Amazon PPC) , i have good experience with WP/Shopify /Magento and other CMS and Ecommerce platforms and Marketplaces. I can do Tag management using GTM and Build Dashboards and reports using Looker Studio (Google Studio) and bit of Google Big Query.

As mentioned product is pretty technical. I am comfortable with that.

I can work in any time zone.

Saurabh Dugar