Oct 2022 New Minidegree: Ecommerce Marketing

Ecom created a lot of media buyers in the last few years. It didn’t create a lot of good marketers.

Average cost per click on platforms like Facebook Ads has increased 17% from 2020 to 2021.

That’s a challenge for those marketers and brands that over-relied on platforms that aren’t as efficient now as they used to be.

They are seeing the dangers of putting all their eggs in one basket. The main goal of our Ecommerce Marketing Minidegree is to change that, and turn you into a top 1% ecom marketer.

The Ecommerce Marketing Minidegree will help you navigate this unforgiving sector, and take you on a path to master the critical areas in ecom, guided by world-class instructors in:

:dart: Customer Acquisition
:dart: Customer Retention
:dart: Measurement
:dart: Strategy

Check it out. We’d appreciate your support.

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