Nurture your brand audience using CRM techniques

Business benefits

Drive your brand audience to the next minimal viable conversion to convert them to brand advocates or super fans.

Make a list of actions that your brand audience can take that are brand focused, rather than product focused.

Brand focused triggers include things like watching part of one of your YouTube videos or opening the monthly round-up email, as opposed to product focused conversions, like clicking on a product page or filling out a form.

Set up relevant follow up actions in your CRM system that automatically trigger when someone takes an initial brand action.

For example, if someone opens your monthly round up email, you could put them into a nurturing sequence that begins with sending them an email promoting your round up YouTube show.

Develop a fan scoring system that ranks your brand audience members by their creative content consumption from your brand.

Instead of scoring your audience as leads, score them as fans. Your fan tiers may include segments like viewers, subscribers, and super fans, and the actions they take to level up may include joining your email list, opening your brand newsletter email, watching 50 percent of your videos, or subscribing to your YouTube channel.

Segment your audience and users in your CRM system based on the brand focused fan scoring system.

Use your fan scoring system to help give each audience segment a trackable and measurable definition in your CRM. For example, an engaged viewer watches at least 75% of half of your videos.

Craft specific messages for each brand audience segment that address what they are looking for and meet their needs.

For example, a new YouTube viewer may want to learn more about your channel, so you can show them an ad for your channel teaser.

Build automated workflows for each segment that encourage that segment to take the next small step in your brand nurturing journey, for example clicking on another video.

Map out what actions trigger a specific event for each segment.

Create segmented email lists for your fans to provide targeted content directly to them.

For example, create an insider newsletter that provides a behind-the-scenes look into your brand. Only send it to your super fan email list.

Design a social media advertising strategy that promotes your content, rather than your product.

Think of your brand advertising like a media company that advertises their content, like Netflix’s YouTube channel that features trailers and inside looks into their content. Instead of promoting your product, promote your content. Trailers and teaser videos work well for brand advertising.

Use ads on native platforms that meet the current needs of your viewers.

For example, create a YouTube ad for one of your YouTube videos that will play on similar channels. Since the user is already watching videos on YouTube, it is a realistic ask to suggest they watch another YouTube video on a topic in which they may be interested.

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