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Hi Sante,

Italy and Switzerland are two countries I hope to visit in the future. :slight_smile: What is it like coming from web analytics to where you are now? Sounds very interesting, I love learning about everyone’s unique career path.

Hi Eric,

Wow, what a time it has been in your career! You seem eager to take on great challenges, amazing accolades earned in Kenya too. We’re happy to have you in our Talent Program. :slight_smile:

How do you like the course so far? Is there any specific topic in the CRO world you hope to learn more about? And what charity events are you most invested in? I for one volunteer locally at 3 separate animal shelters here, since I love animals a great deal. :cat: :dog: :heart:

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Hey everyone :wave:,

I’m Luka and I’m from Croatia (they shot GoT and Star Wars there).

I started learning about marketing 3 years ago and I’m currently working as a Paid Social Consultant. I’m finishing my 3rd (and last) year of Computer Science at the Faculty of Engineering in Rijeka. I love marketing and coding, and I’m currently helping a company who sells coding courses with their marketing strategy and advertising.

Hobbies: watching movies & shows, running, and calisthenics.

Excited to improve my skills!



Welcome @luka

Good to have you here. Marketing and coding :slight_smile: the magic combo @Rene


Hi everyone. I am Vivek from India and currently working as AGM - Marketing & Sales in New Delhi.

I have 20+ years of experience, working across diverse Job profile and industries.

My first job was a sales representative in a Pharma company and later worked on multiple product categories including consumer Electronics brand “SONY” , and IT Hardware brand “HCL PC”. I have worked extensively on creating Brand & market for products like Healthy Edible Oil brand “Saffola”, worked to establish Olive Oil for Indian cooking brand “Leonardo”, Mayonnaise based condiments “Cremica” and premium potato crisps “Opera” made with Olive Oil.

My current responsibilities include rebranding and reposition “Daurala” as a B2C Sugar brand for the Organization.

I am keen to learn and evolve my skill sets for the Digital era of Brand Marketing!

Hobbies: Cooking & addicted to Audible…!


Hey @pathakv - Great to have you here. :slightly_smiling_face: Brand marketing is powerful and ever-evolving in this digital age. We actually have several playbooks in addition to a minidegree that cover key areas in this field.

See this collection of brand marketing playbooks for detailed step-by-steps used by top experts in the business, would love to see what you think.

Leave a comment if you discover a step or particular task you would like to see enhanced. By simply submitting your opinion, you can be featured as one of our contributors in community audits. :clap:

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My uncle died. My father died. My Ex-wife died.
A good friend died last week who I had been looking for, for years.
What did they have in common? They all enjoyed camping and vacations.

What works in camping? Stories. What works in business? Stories.
So I am working to organize a story conference that teaches storytelling
WHILE people are camping.

One might as well mix business with pleasure, eh?

  • Chuck

Hey @chuckandsuemasterson,

That’s a deep story, I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. :broken_heart: I’m so happy you’ve find your way to keep their memory with you in the conference you’re pursuing. A wonderful tribute to what they loved most.

Teaching storytelling while camping honestly sounds amazing. It’s already a great environment that helps foster closer relationships, and learning storytelling adds another layer to look forward to.

Are there any topics you’re looking to learn most about, that would help you make this story conference a success? I’m here to guide you to all playbooks, courses and blogs to help you pave your way.

Thank you for sharing your story,

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Hi Everyone. My Name is Damilola Robert , Head of Growth Marketing at Bitnob (A bitcoin Native company)

Started my marketing career in advertising in 2015. I have managed clients across various industry including; Health tech, Real estate, Finance, aviation and FMCG.

I am from Nigeria and in my spear time, I love to listen to Afrobeats and watch football (Manchester united fan)

I will love to connect and build network within this community.

Lets connect on LinkedIn


Hi All,

My name is Terhile I live in Lagos Nigeria. B
Started my Digital Marketing Journey in 2018 and have worked mostly as a freelancer.
I’m Upskilling to become a CRO Specialist and land a job.
I am also obsessed with Growth & Rapid experimentation.
My Hobbies are:

  • Reading
  • Watching & Playing Basketball
  • Researching

Connect with me on Linkedin.


Hey, my name is Dominik. I’m from Warsaw, Poland. After leading a few big brand & PR projects in recent years, I enrolled in CXL Talent Program to reskill myself to digital marketing :slight_smile: Looking forward to learning from y’all and sharing my knowledge with you as well!
Personal note: I have a lovely wife, a newborn daughter, and I’ve lived for 1.5 years in Australia :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate to add me on LinkedIn if you want to keep in touch :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Tope from Lagos, Nigeria.

Excited to join the CXL community.

I have four years of experience in Digital & Growth Marketing.

When I’m not doing growth work, I’m horseback :racehorse: riding or following Polo tournaments across Nigeria.

I’m currently learning to play Polo as well :horse_racing:

I joined the talent program to upskill and hopefully get an opportunity to work on an international product.

:horse_racing:Let’s do this.

Find me on LinkedIn


Welcome welcome :slight_smile:

@damilolarobert - Also a Manchester United fan :soccer: As Head of Growth Marketing, what current topics or problems would you and your team want the most support in? I’m able to quickly curate resources (playbooks, blogs, case studies, courses) for you and your team to get going.

@terhile - Happy to have you in our CXL Talent Program :confetti_ball: What topic or area in CRO is your top hurdle to overcome in order to become a CRO specialist? We have plenty of resources I can help send your way.

@Dom_Larch - Welcome to our CXL Talent Program. :slight_smile: Hope Australia is treating you well. What areas are you especially knowledgeable in, and what areas are you looking to learn the most about?

@tope - Great to have you in our program :horse_racing: We both share a love of horseback riding. I’m jealous you get to experience it so much in your hobbies. Let me know what areas you want to upskill in most, and I’ll be happy to help.

Everyone here, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hey! thanks for your reply :slight_smile: actually, I’m no longer in Australia - I came back to my home country, Poland. My primary expertise up to date is related to PR & branding but I’d like to reskill myself to the area of marketing automation / analytics / optimization. I like to see and track the results of my work and “Analytical” is my no 1 strength in Gallup’s top 5 :slight_smile:


Welcome back @Irina_Tudorache

One of our founding members. Check out here contributions to these playbooks.


Curious to hear your thoughts on no-code marketing courses? any interest?


Hey @hesh_fekry, yeah - no-code/low-code is sth I would be interested in. Right now, I’m trying to get myself prepared for the Salesforce certification :slight_smile:


-Hello, :innocent:
-Myself Ishaan Negi from Himachal Pradesh, India
Vegan & Environment Sustainability Concerned :earth_africa::rabbit:
-MBA Passout and now learning digital marketing field, have about 1 year of working experience in this field and seeking to learn more and get some opportunity

Have a Great day Ahead
Thankyou :innocent:


Hey, everybody!

I’m Alex (37), from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Living between 3 cities Kharkiv :ukraine: Gdansk :poland: Oslo :norway:

Product and Growth Leader with 12 years of experience. 9 products launched :rocket: 1 product organization created. Worked across many domains like: SaaS, open data, online dating, etc.

I’m an analytical type with data background. My approach based on hypothesis testing and continuous experimentation to extract learnings :bulb:

Personal facts:

  • Never rode a bicycle :bike:
  • Reviewed 505 wines :wine_glass:
  • Reading at a pace of a snail :snail: 2 books a year, is a success.

Lets connect: LinkedIn | Twitter


Hey, @Dom_Larch what Salesforce courses/certification vendor would you suggest?


Hey @thegostev,

Happy to have you here :slight_smile: It’s amazing that you live between three amazing places. Good spirits with you :ukraine:

As an analytical type, what would you say is the area in marketing you want most support in now? I’ll curate the best Salesforce/certification vendor resources in the meantime. :handshake:

Would also love to see your learnings in testing and experimentation. Our platform is a great place to host and share what you know with our entire community. Just look at what one of our Validated community member’s has created with our courses here.

If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me or @hesh_fekry anytime. We’ll always be here to answer.