New CRO Minidegree Refresh - Your feedback needed!

Welcome to the 1st Community Feedback Roundup :handshake:

This thread is so you can ask for CRO courses, top CRO topics and more as our team completely overhauls the CRO Minidegree.

We are specifically looking for feedback from your personal experience:

  • General feedback: What do you like / dislike about the CRO Minidegree?
  • Critique: What improvements to our CRO Minidegree would help you win in the world of CRO?
  • Ideas: What new courses and CRO topics are a must-have in our CRO Minidegree?

Give our team a clear idea about real solutions you need to achieve the most with our CRO Minidegree today.

Tell us a little bit about it below.



I would like to see more about GA4 and analytics, specially how to do the data analysis and get insights from the tolls.

I think that an update in GA audit would be nice too.


We are already discussing this with @fred.pike

Had a few requests on Facebook already about this. People cant wait. Its going to be nice :slight_smile:

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We need Live AMA Sessions, please. Warm Regards.


I’m sure @angi would have some great feedback since she recently took the course. Any ideas @angi?


@ajibodeao - Definitely will plan these for future events. Any specific topics you want covered most? Let us know. :slight_smile:

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Hi Tania, here are a few ideas.

I find that most of the content is focused towards ecommerce. While I understand this is unlikely to change, it would be good to include more on the existing topics about non-ecommerce sites. Whether they are lead-gen or sales focused but have no categories and a checkout/cart.

Also similarly to what Bruno mentioned above, more GA4 content would be good. Particularly since some of the content on Analytics was pretty old with features already deprecated.

It would also be good to be able to see all the resources from a course in one place. Since i’m likely to go back to some of them looking for the resources not just the lessons themselves.

Last, including template resources, such as the speero Miro board which was recently posted here. Those are great and help a great deal to get started.

Hope that helps!


Hello Team, it would be great to add some tasks to test the learning ( prepare a plan for a business ). Adding this would benefit us multifold. Having said that i understand that it would be difficult to evaluate the responses as they will be case specific and person specific. May require and expert to look at and evaluate. I will be happy to pay extra for such an addition.


Hi @felipe_uribe , welcome to the community.

Great feedback, Thank you so much for taking the time to respond here. Luckily as mentioned GA4 stuff is in the pipeline so we should get an update there soon :slight_smile:

I find that most of the content is focused towards ecommerce.

This caught my attention, are we talking specifically the practical examples or the lesson modules as a whole?


Hey @prateekprakash welcome welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback. This is a great topic and we hear often about this.

We currently have about 250 playbooks mapped directly to course content. Playbooks are step-by-step instructions that outline specific tasks.

:bulb: Idea: Practical tasks and projects for courses with feedback.

Prepare a plan for a business

This even looks like a ready made playbook titles. Had a quick look and we have these types of titles. You can find more if you search for terms like ‘strategy’ or ‘plan’

Would attaching relevant playbooks that reference lesson material as projects and we can easily organize feedback sessions with experts in the community checking through different people’s attempts and projects. Answering questions where people get stuck.

Is this something along the line of what you are thinking?

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Thanks @hesh_fekry, I’m glad you found it useful.

I’d say as a whole. There seems to be the constant assumption that the sites being optimised contain an ecommerce checkout. I’m aware that’s not particularly specific, but it’s probably also due to the fact I do in-house work where there’s no check-out.

Finally I have one question regarding the mini-degree itself. What will happen with the current progress? I’m only half-ish way through it, and would like to know if it’s worth to pause for the moment or keep going regardless.

Thank you!

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Aha, i see. Thanks for the clarification.

This update would take some time to ship and the current MD is still valid. I would say its not worth pausing as its still unclear exactly what will happen till we finish the audit of the current MD.

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Here you go!

* General feedback: What did I like about the CRO minidegree**?**

It was easy to take, and most of the professors were easy to understand.
The course covered a wide range of topics that I still use today
I LOVED the heuristics courses and use it daily

* General feedback: What did I dislike about the CRO minidegree?

The Google Analytics classes were already outdated, which was frustrating
Some of the professors were hard to understand
Some of the professors were great in their scripted portion but came off as very unconfident in a live portion.
There were issues with the hours required. It originally said 90, but that was cut down to 54. However, in reality, it was more like 78 hours. This cause some issues with my time allotment.

* Critique: What improvements would help you win in the world of CRO?

The flow of the course was kind of confusing. I didn’t realize you could popcorn your sessions, meaning I could start one and move on to a shorter session if I wanted to. I would clarify that a bit.
Some of the quizzes were really bad in that it included something mentioned (or in same cases, it was cut from the class).
I would add more printable/downloadable options rather than just the powerpoint slides. I found that even when I took notes, there were so many times when the test didn’t use what we had learned. It was weird.
The A/B testing was skewed for the Frequentist model rather than the Bayesian model, which is a huge disservice. Based on all of the A/B testing classes, I thought that Frequentist would be the more popular model. But of 7 A/B testing platforms I audited (which, to be fair, isn’t many of them) 5 of them were Bayesian with only the Bayesian option. Platforms to offer Frequentist were very expensive and out of research for anyone other than enterprise users.

* Ideas: What new courses and CRO topics are a must-have?


Hi Angi,

Thank you for sharing such a wealth of information and feedback. It helps us at CXL keep delivering the best experience for you possible.

Let me address the points you mentioned, and also ask some follow-up questions, make sure we understand your full experience. :slight_smile:

About your general feedback, what you disliked:

  • You’ll be happy to know that GA4 and GA classes that are current are already in the works. We’ll make sure to keep this up to date more frequently.
  • Which professors were hard to understand / unconfident in the live portion? You can feel free to message me if you’d rather not say so here.
  • Do you remember how the hours required were cut down? Was it something you noticed in the middle of taking the minidegree, or something else? Any details you remember helps.

About your critique, what would help you win in CRO:

  • We want to make the flow of courses you are taking, and seeing where you left off a lot easier with quality-of-life updates for sure. @Nikki, our amazing Course Production Manager uses feedback like this to make your course experience as smooth as possible.

If you have any follow-up questions from the course-side of things Nikki, feel free to ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Is having more printable/downloadable options rather than powerpoint slides a matter of personal preference, or something you feel can help you learn better?
  • I can’t answer on the A/B testing model, but this is something our team will keep in mind.

Looking forward to your answers, thank you for your time.

Hi Tania,

First, I want to thank cxl for helping me understand many things I was ignorant of in the past. Although I have taken many courses from different institutes, CXL is my favorite now.

Sometimes I feel that some topics are complex because there are no actual examples of real projects, for instance, if there was a site before and after making a design modification, such as goodUI. It explains the differences in a big and transparent way using images and presentation.

The GA4 course is very, very excellent in the way it provides illustrations to carry out the analysis.
But I wish there was an audit for Ga4.

There are very long topics; I like short like Roger Dooley and Peep Laja

Knowing that all the coaches are highly experienced and I like them very much

But my time is not all mine.


Hey Hesh, looks good…lemme dig further and come back.


Awesome, Thank you Prateek :slight_smile:

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Tagging our Course Production lead @Nikki. Your feedback is super helpful to our team with how specific it is. I can see how more concrete examples can help through your learning journey for sure.

Another great point of feedback. Audits help make sure you’re making the best use of your efforts, so knowing exactly how to do it with GA4 seems helpful.

What do you like in the short topics vs long ones? Is it because it saves time for you, or is it more fun to learn from? Would love to understand why :slight_smile:

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Hi Tania, thanks again

Of course, this means that a long video is boring, and I am concerned that the topic is complex and requires a lot of effort to focus on. In contrast, the short video, up to 10 minutes, makes me feel that the problem is simple. Even if I don’t understand, I can redo the clip.

I see in CXL that I sit in front of an expert in the field, and he gives me proper advice, which makes me prefer CXL over others.


Not sure if I’m too late since I just resubscribed yesterday, but I will throw my hat in the ring. (Graduated in 2020).

1: More bite-sized lessons. Most courses have really long lessons, like 35, 40, 45 minutes. I don’t know if it is just me but I assume for most of us, busy professionals we want to learn things fast. Some lessons feel like university lectures, and you really need to be in that mindset to soak in. Might be my personal preference but I really prefer to watch a 30-video course with 10-minute lessons than a 6- video course with long lectures.

2: Structure can definitely be improved and delivery as well. I found the CRO research module all over the place and lacks more context. This is the most crucial part of the whole degree in my opinion and could be more clear, practical and easier to understand.

3: Even though there are some great lessons in the A/B testing part, I feel it’s geared towards people already in the industry. I was a complete beginner when I did the course and some concepts were really hard to grasp. (I’m probably not the only one)

That is all I can think for now. Thank you.