Mine influencer marketing campaigns for ideas

Business benefits

Improve your campaign creative and strategy.

Choose 2-3 competitors who have run influencer campaigns to analyze.

Alternatively, choose influencers in your industry or who have worked with competitors and analyze some of the campaigns they’ve worked on.

Take notes on the influencer campaigns’ ad copy and creative to define what seems to work well and what doesn’t.

Ask questions like:

  • Does this feel authentic? Why or why not?
  • Does this campaign have a unified message and style? How?
  • How long are the captions?

Track which content formats were used, what calls to action were used, and how the brand amplified the content.

For example, Daniel Wellington leveraged branded hashtags, simple user-generated product images, and micro influencers to spread brand awareness across Instagram.

Look through the comment sections to see how people respond to the sponsored posts, and record which types of posts received the most engagement.

Use tools like BuzzSumo or SEMrush to conduct competitor analysis for top-performing content or social listening tools like Hootsuite to understand audience sentiment.

Identify trending hashtags, keywords, or topics in your industry using hashtag or keyword research tools, such as Keyhole or Hashtagify.

Study influencer marketing content on each social media platform to analyze the best practices, advantages, and disadvantages for each platform.

For each social media platform, explore:

  • Content length
  • Content formats
  • Options for calls to action
  • Audience demographics
  • Style
  • Ads

Research successful influencer marketing campaign examples and case studies to identify what made the campaigns successful.

Search online for influencer marketing case studies and explore what made each campaign successful.

Add sections to your campaign brief that focus on your campaign’s style and execution plan, like Campaign voice, Content formats, Calls to action, and Hashtags.

Add insights from your research to these sections.

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