Measure brand affinity with CRM scoring

Business benefits

Improve your brand's relationship with its leads and customers.

Create a lead scoring system using your CRM’s brand engagement metrics to score the level of fandom a contact has in your brand.

Qualifying criteria that may increase your contacts’ score could include:

  • Email opens
  • Call-to-action clicks
  • Ads interactions
  • Video views

Search for articles about scoring like CXL’s list of typical Fan Scoring CRM triggers to use as inspiration when setting up your scoring system.

Use common thresholds for your metrics to build different levels of fandom that measure brand affinity.

For example, CRM contacts who have watched 5 hours of your videos likely have a high brand affinity, and may be considered superfans. Contacts who have watched 3 hours of video still likely have a high enough affinity to be considered brand fans. Contacts who have only subscribed to your email list but not yet consumed your videos are at the lowest level.

Track the number of contacts who fit into your various fandom levels over time to measure brand affinity trends.

Regularly review your scoring system to ensure it represents brand affinity as accurately as possible.

For example, if you find that a video view is more common among loyal customers than a blog view, increase the score of video views in your fan scoring system.

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