Master our new Ecommerce Marketing Minidegree

If you can make it in ecommerce marketing, you can make it anywhere.

Marketers in other industries own vanity metrics, lead generation, and the ever-evasive brand awareness metrics.

Owning revenue is the ultimate test for any marketer, and that is what you, the ecommerce marketer, have been doing long before it was cool.

This week, we’re launching the Ecommerce Marketing Minidegree.

It will help you master ecom marketing, and become a Certified Ecommerce Marketer with a firm grasp of strategy and tactics that will make you in the top 1%. Companies will fight over you.

Your instructors are also top 1% ecom marketers, teaching you their battle-tested skills:

  • Facebook Ads for Ecommerce, by Susan Wenograd

  • Google Ads for Ecommerce, by Susan Wenograd

  • TikTok Ads, by William Perry

  • Selling on Amazon, by Mina Elias

  • Ecommerce Content Marketing, by Alex Birkett

  • Ecommerce SEO, by Josh Piepmeier

  • Customer Experience for Ecommerce, by Adrian Piegsa

  • Ecommerce Brand Strategy, by Josh Howard

  • Ecommerce Data and Metrics, by Maximilian Rast

…and more, totalling +20 courses in this training.

In ecommerce, marketing is your last real competitive advantage. You can finally master it with the Ecommerce Marketing Minidegree!

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