Market research for B2B and B2C in regulated industries

Hi folks,

How would you approach market research in a regulated industry like gambling (offline & online) for a small content provider with limited mrkt budget? I’ve come from B2C marketing and this area looks like a combination of both (B2B for casino handled by sales and B2C for casino audience handled by casino / brand itself).

Normally I would start from qual research (surveys, 1-1, focus groups, etc) and quantify my findings, to then segment those based on most impactful metrics, value those, estimate my current market share to further target most interesting segments.

In this case it’s my first time in a regulated and heavily fragmented industry when there is not much of secondary data available to feed my initial assumptions it seems. I thought of starting with secondary resources but was surprised to find out there are not many open stats about it (or I don’t look in the right places); I thought of requesting market data from regulators itself but worried a bit it would take too long or be relevant for offline casinos while my focus is online.

As for the start-up itself, they don’t have data on their customers (B2C). They create content for online casinos / content marketplaces, and all data on usage / audience / etc is aggregated at distributors - casinos (B2B) which they don’t share.

How do I get to know B2B needs and preferences and B2C audience profile to segments those further? Is it common to send existing B2B partners qual surveys or ask them to participate in an interview? Why wouldn’t casino share data on its audience to help content providers create a more engaging content?

I’ve started Competitive Intel lesson here at CXL and understand I can go via competitors website for breadcrumbs of data but wonder if there is a better way.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, thnx in advance!

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Hey @Mvoitsik,

Thank you so much for posting your story and question.

I actually found several playbooks that relate directly to the detailed background and current position you’ve described.

Before I find and tag some of our experts, why not take a gander at these playbooks and tell me what you think?

Specific playbooks:

Collections of playbooks:

This may help you ask even more specific answers that will best help you understand what your next steps should be. :slight_smile: Looking forward to see how this helps.

Hey @Mvoitsik Just following up to see if you got what you needed?