Manage account permissions in GA


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Business Benefits

Control and protect how much power each user has to either view or edit major account features. 

From your main Google Analytics dashboard, navigate to Admin > Account > User Management to access a summary of user privileges.

Making changes to User Management from the Account column will automatically change the user permissions for any properties and views that are under the account. If you would like to change the user permissions for only a specific property or view, select User Management under the Property or View column instead.

To add a new user, click on + > Add Users and enter a Google-registered email address for each account.

  1. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma to add multiple users at once with the same permissions.
  2. Tick the Notify new users by email checkbox.

Set new user permissions to allow the user to Read & Analyze, Collaborate, or Edit data and settings within the account.

  • Read & Analyze: allows a user to view reports, but they can’t make or save any changes. This is the lowest level permission, which might be ideal for a client to view reports without changing around any settings.
  • Collaborate: allows a user to configure reports, create saved reports, dashboards, and segments. This permission will automatically grant the Read & Analyze permission as well. This might be ideal for a team member who is helping manage the account.
  • Edit: allows a user to create new properties, views, filters, goals, and more within the account. This permission will automatically grant both of the lower permissions as well. This user permission might be ideal for a CEO or a trusted colleague.
  • Manage Users: grants a user access to add, remove, or edit permissions for other users in the account. This is ideal for the project manager of the account to be able to manage their team and collaborators. It’s a good idea to only grant this permission to one or two highly trusted users who require full admin access to keep the account protected.

To change a user’s permissions, navigate to Account > User Management, select a user, add or remove permissions, and save your changes.

To remove a user from your Google Analytics account, navigate to Account > User Management, select a user, and click Remove.

If your GA account belongs to a Google Marketing Platform organization, create a group of users, all with the same permissions, by navigating to Account > User Management and clicking on + > Add user groups.

You can add and remove users to and from a user group and edit the whole group’s permissions.

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