Make decisions from brand tracking data

Business benefits

Optimize your brand strategy and make better marketing decisions.

Invest in PR, advertising, SEO, and social media, if your dashboard shows declining brand awareness over an extended amount of time.

For most businesses, brand awareness fluctuates wildly and is not cause for concern in isolation. Taking action becomes more urgent if brand engagement declines alongside brand awareness.

Adapt your social media and branding approach, when your dashboard shows declining brand engagement.

Especially if engagement drops while awareness remains high, take these actions to help it rise again:

  • Adjust your approach to social media by reviewing past, high-engaging content and building a strategy around reproducing those results.
  • Consider your brand positioning and wider focus on content to ensure what you are saying lines up with what your audience is looking for.
  • Work out and focus on new topics that might resonate more closely with audience needs and pain points.

Focus on high level creative content to address declining brand affinity.

High-level content requires your audience to spend time with your brand and build a closer relationship. Consider building your audience beyond your customer base and reach out to your best customers to better understand their perspectives on why affinity might be dropping.

If your dashboard shows declining brand sentiment, investigate to learn the root cause.

Analyze negative mentions and sentiments to understand why the negativity is rising. Identify gaps between common audience sentiments (what you are known for) and your brand strategy (what you’d like to be known for), and put a strategy in place to close them.

Continue tracking your core brand metrics to understand whether shifts in your strategy are driving improvements in the right area, without negatively affecting other areas.

For example, an increase in brand awareness only matters if it doesn’t lead to a comparative decline in engagement or affinity. Implement an ongoing brand strategy to understand not just the metrics in the four core areas in isolation, but also how a change in one may impact others.

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