Launch a marketing campaign

Business Benefits

Meet business goals and stay on budget.

Choose a specific objective for your campaign.

For example, do you want to build awareness for a new product? Drive new leads? Build brand trust?

Set and maintain a realistic budget based on the size of your campaign.

Identify your target audience for the campaign.

Your campaign’s objective will help determine your target audience. Are you targeting existing customers or trying to reach a new demographic?

Decide on a call to action based on the single action you would like your audience to take.

For example, creating an account on your site, signing up for a newsletter, or purchasing a product.

Choose your campaign’s channels based on your target demographic.

You may decide to have a campaign via social media, digital ads, television, or print, depending on your budget and audience.

Create your campaign’s copy and visuals.

Your objective, audience, and designated channels should all influence the campaign’s content.

Publish your campaign to the appropriate channels.

Ask for feedback and make adjustments.

Be open to any feedback from your audience regarding how your message is being received, and iterate on your campaign’s creative assets as needed. Make sure your campaign continues to align with its particular objective and your larger brand vision.

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