Introduce yourself to your peers to get started

Hey @tania thank you for getting this rolling.

I am Hesh, head of product @ CXL and I started the playbook project and workingtogether with @tania in the community.

I am here to help you all with resources and to learn from you about your experiences in this program and the CXL eco system as a whole. If anyone wants a chat or has any questions. Please do not hesitate.

My background is in architecture and I have been working in product for about 6 years now. Outside of work I love playing football, producing techno music and I have a healthy COD addiction.

welcome @yashmjain @BrunoLuiAguiar


Hey @yashmjain & @BrunoLuiAguiar,

Thank you for your great introductions, welcome. We’re happy to have you.

As @hesh_fekry described, we’re here to help support and learn from your experience. Playbooks just for you, answering any questions you have and more. For now, let me also introduce myself.

I’m Tania, Community Manager here at CXL. I’m here to connect members with one another and our team, building meaningful experiences along the way.

My background is marketing turned community management before the concept was fully understood, and I love it. Outside of work, I love anime, video games and volunteer at local animal rescues.

Pleasure is mine. :slight_smile:


It looks like this community isn’t active yet. Or am I missing something?


Hello, I’m OgheneKobiruo, you can call me Kobi.

I’m from Nigeria.

I discovered this talent program when I was going through one of the newsletters I received from CXL this month.

I’m looking forward to expand my knowledge of content marketing into the technical aspects and the other exciting chapters in the course.

I have a diploma from Digital Marketing Skills Institute in Nigeria.

I enjoy listening to songs, reading thought leadership pieces, allowing my mind to wander and going for long strolls.

I’ve got a question, can I send a private message @hesh_fekry @tania


Welcome @jadetola, great question.

Talent members like yourself have been requesting a way to talk to each other, see answers to other member questions, and get resources in one space. This is our answer. :slight_smile: We are just starting to invite folks to this experience, have many playbooks for you to explore, and will be sharing more new resources to support your journey.

If you have any specific questions, you can ask anytime here:

Talent-only resources will always be in the Talent Program section. If you have specific tips that would help you, please let us know in our current poll.

Welcome to the community Kobi, we’re happy to have you. Beautiful intro for everyone here.

For any questions you wish to have answered privately, you can message myself, @hesh_fekry or @alejandra anytime. Expect answers within 24-48 hours max, though we always try to reply as soon as we can.


Hey @jadetola

There are also the marketing playbooks. Where you can find thousands of resources to help in your day to day, and experts ready to step in when you have a question. Check them out and see if they can help with anything you need.

Just like @BrunoLuiAguiar :heart: here:

Let me and tania know if you want specific playbooks to help you out.



Hi everyone. My name’s Marcus and I’m from Philadelphia, in the USA. I’m a freelance conversion copywriter who gets work entirely from Upwork right now. I’m in the CXL talent program taking the conversion optimization minidegree so that I can expand my skills and find more gainful work opportunities. I’ve been a fan of CXL for a long time, so I’m super excited to have been given this opportunity.


Hello, my name is Bruno Moacyr and I’m from Rio, Brazil. I currently live in the same city.
I aim to work with digital analytics or CRO in a based company role. I graduated in International Relations and I’ve been working on digital marketing, mostly with paid ads, digital strategy, and digital analytics.
I finished the CXL CRO mini-degree program in February-22 and now I’m studying Digital Analytics mini-degree.
Besides work, I love to be with my daughter, read books, and swim.


Hey @marcusfordcopy & @Bruno_Moacyr,

Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.

Marcus, that’s awesome. Glad our program is helping you expand your expertise. Is there a specific gainful role or level you hope to reach? We’d love to know, so we can provide supplemental resources to support that goal.

Bruno, International Relations seems like a great boon to your work. Between our CRO and our Digital Analytics minidegree, what has been the most interesting concept you’ve been introduced to so far? We love hearing about member experiences.


People have asked me to work on SaaS projects a couple of times, but I don’t know much about how to execute that type of work, or how to learn it. CXL is deploying a lot of ecommerce courses right now, and it would be nice if they could do the same for SaaS someday. I suppose the closest thing CXL has right now are the courses on product marketing.

I know it’s a lot harder to teach SaaS, but hopefully it’s not impossible. Forget the Funnel does it, so maybe CXL could partner with them. I also know Samar Owais is creating a SaaS email course now, so maybe you could collaborate with her too.


We pride ourselves in providing up-to-date marketing courses from the top 1% of marketers. If possible, we create it. Especially if there’s demand for it. Something I’d keep in mind in future polls we run for resources you need most.

Edit: Regarding SaaS courses, I believe we do provide coverage for it in our eComm minidegree. Our Head of Product can tell you more.

Appreciate the shout out to Funnel and Samar Owais as well. If anything else comes to mind, we are all ears.



Indeed we are currently releasing an Ecommerce focused Minidegree. However, a lot of our other courses cover SaaS. have a look at here

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:wave:t3: hi there, i’m hephzibah and i’m nigerian :nigeria:. i’m into growth marketing and CRO.

it feels good to be here👨🏽‍🍳


Hi @hephziibah,

Great to have you here. If you have specific topics you’d like to learn more about in addition to your courses, please let me know. I’ll be happy to help.


Hey all - Sam from the US here, nice meeting everyone!

  • Have been living in beautiful BKK for the past 2 years, before that was in Hong Kong; in Asia for the long haul!
  • I’ve been using CXL as a learning platform for awhile, feel it’s the best out there in terms of practical marketing skills, hope to learn more about the nitty-gritty of tools & techniques
  • Business background with an MBA from the UK, mostly working in finance and consulting, but recently transitioned to B2C tech in a CRM role. Target in the next couple years is a PMM role in B2B SaaS, looking to deepen my skills in the in-between, find a role role that would ladder that direction.
  • My personal life revolves around weightlifting, drinking & EDM, reading Murakami, and watching John Carpenter movies.



Hey @samuel_george,

Happy to have you. Love hearing about your journey. BKK is a beautiful place, I have friends from there. I’ve also always wanted to visit Hong Kong - what was it like living there? :slight_smile:

You also mentioned hoping to learn more about the nitty-gritty of tools and techniques: Are there any you would like coverage for? Let us know.



actually, there’s none for now. the only question i have at the moment is regarding the talent program😊


Any questions regarding the Talent program specifically, feel free to ask anytime in the CXL Talent Program member-only section. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, mi name is Ignacio. I’m from Argentina.

I am a digital strategist with a background in advertising, design, and marketing. Currently, I run a little studio where we provide content and marketing solutions for B2B clients in Spain, the USA, and Argentina.

From the program, I hope to meet new clients or work in a US-based agency to deepen my understanding of the nuances of the US market. I’ve worked in agencies in the past, but mostly in advertising ones, so gaining experience in a marketing agency in the US could be a fantastic learning opportunity for me.

In my free time, I study, play with my cats, watch TV shows with my wife, eat with my friends and family and play a lot of video games. I’m always open to talking about business strategy, marketing, advertising, and video games.