Increase Twitter followers with ads

Business Benefits

Gain more highly-targeted followers in less time.

Update your Twitter profile with a simple bio and engaging cover graphic that both highlight your unique selling proposition.

Your ads will generate profile visitors who did not find you organically, and who need a clear reason to follow you from the moment they see your ad. They will most likely base their decision on your cover graphic and bio. Customize your account so that it stands out from the noise, using your cover graphic and bio to speak directly to your target audience and present your solution to their key pain point.

Set clear goals for your campaign that focus on both impressions and the number of followers you want to gain as a result of your ads.

These metrics will help to set your budget and allow you to track the campaign’s success. Base your goals on previous campaigns or an educated guess to start, making adjustments for future campaigns as needed.

Create a followers campaign on the Twitter Ads platform by clicking Create Campaign and choosing Followers as your campaign objective.

A followers campaign is designed to increase Twitter followers with ads. Twitter offers a series of campaign objectives:

  • Reach campaigns to build brand awareness.
  • Engagements campaign to get more replies, likes and shares of your Tweets.
  • Website click campaigns to drive traffic.

While followers campaigns are specifically optimized to increase your followers, you can also choose optimizations based on gaining website visitors or lead conversions. Each will likely result in a few new followers as a side effect of your primary marketing goal.

Set your campaign duration and budget.

A Twitter followers campaign only charges advertisers for the followers generated directly by the campaign. All other engagement and actions, like retweets and replies, are free. If you are unsure about your campaign timeline or total budget, start with a single-month campaign at a total budget you can afford that month. Then, use that month’s results to adjust for future months.

Define your target audience based on your audience persona documents.

If you don’t have defined personas, use the average demographics and geographic area of your most valuable customers by CLV as parameters to gain new followers. Alternatively, you can choose the follower lookalike audience to target Twitter users who share interests and demographics with your current followers.

Twitter allows for specific targeting depending on various parameters. For example, you can target a competitor’s followers using the competitor’s Twitter handle, or focus on combinations of interests and interest categories that most closely match your target audience.

Choose text-only ads as recommended by Twitter for follower campaigns.

Stay within or under the 280-character limit. Use words like follow us only when you have space for them, without needing to eliminate your actual case for following you. Twitter will automatically add a Follow button to every ad in a followers campaign.

Avoid including links or hashtags in your ad copy.

Twitter doesn’t expand any pictures or additional links within the platform on followers ads. Anything beyond your core ad copy could distract your audience or provide them an action path that doesn’t include following you.

Track the results of your campaign using Twitter’s Ads Manager, and check your impressions and new followers gained against the goals you’ve set.

You can filter the date range to check metrics like total spend, results, result rate, and cost per follow. This report also allows you to monitor changing results if you tweak your targeting, budget, or copy.

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