Increase repeat orders

Business Benefits

Increase your revenue by encouraging repeat purchases from existing customers.

Segment your customer base using the RFM model, to identify users who order more frequently and place orders of higher values.

If you have a Shopify store, you can use a tool like Reveal for RFM segmentation.

Look for patterns and common characteristics of your customers with the highest RFM scores.

For example, if the users who place most repeat orders tend to shop on weekends, consider sending promotional emails to your less active users on weekends, to encourage repeat shopping.

Create automations that email customers after they make a purchase to offer related products.

Zappos automatically follows up at certain intervals after purchase.

Use flash sales to remind customers of your website and create a sense of urgency.

Case-Mate increased revenue by 236% by emailing a series of flash sales.

Offer exclusive deals to mailing list subscribers, like a sitewide discount or a presale of a popular new product.

For example, Men’s Wearhouse offers exclusive discounts to subscribers, like 40% off everything in the store.

Set up a VIP program for loyal customers and offer members perks like a birthday gift card, or free shipping.

For example, Men’s Wearhouse offers free shipping for Perfect Fit members. According to their investors documents filed on the website in October 2013, the program is responsible for approximately 88% of their sales transactions.

If you sell software subscriptions, set up email automations to update customers with activity on their account and encourage them to re-engage with the software.

Tumblr emails users to notify them of activity on their profile as well as a summary of what people they follow have posted. Weekdone offers weekly reports of users’ activity on the platform to remind them to re-engage and fill out their done items.

Send promotional emails with discount offers at regular intervals for consumable products such as food or personal care products.

Observe the average order frequency for each group of products and adjust your promotional email sending dates based on this metric. For example, if you sell makeup products that are likely to last for 5-6 months, you can send promotional emails to remind your customers to restock 4 months after their initial purchase. If you sell products such as pet food or litter that are ordered once a month on average, send promotional emails 3 weeks after the initial purchase

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