Increase Instagram followers with ads

Business Benefits

Increase your Instagram audience.

Optimize your Instagram profile with high-quality, relevant posts and a branded bio that engages potential followers.

Analyze your high-performing organic content to see which visuals and captions lead to the most audience engagement.

Create a Clicks to Website campaign in Facebook Ads Manager that links to your Instagram profile.

Choose your target audience based on how likely they are to follow your brand, using a lookalike custom audience or demographic targeting.

Create ad creative that emulates or duplicates your most successful organic content, appeals to your target audience, and is visually intriguing.

Include the benefits of following your brand profile in your caption or any text overlays.

Run A/B tests for different creative and ad types, like Stories compared to newsfeed ads, to see which generate the most followers.

Analyze your Instagram Followers campaign at least once a month to adjust creative, budget, and targeting as needed.

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