Improve mobile usability

Business Benefits

Increase conversions and sales on mobile devices.

Run user testing and surveys on the mobile user experience to gain insights on where mobile users are struggling.

Improve mobile site navigation. Consider adding breadcrumbs and eliminating dropdown menus.

Use a responsive design that automatically adjusts the size and layout of page elements to fit mobile screens.

Put the most important page elements, like your benefit-oriented value proposition or hero product image, at the top of the screen.

Improve your site load speed by eliminating unnecessary page elements and compressing images.

Make call to action buttons and links easy to click on by adding sufficient padding and placing them where it’s easy for the user to access the button with their thumb without straining.

Offer expedited checkout options and let users save their cart.

Improve the checkout form by only including necessary fields, clearly labeling each field, and making it easy to navigate through the form on mobile.

Add trust elements, like a logo from the security company your site uses or social proof from customers, to the checkout page.

Test the changes you’ve made on multiple mobile devices to verify that they are working and are user-friendly.

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Tools like Maze can be great for running unfacilitated usability testing. You can also learn a lot from looking at session recordings or heatmaps like you find in a tool like Hotjar or Microsoft Clarity.

Make sure critical navigational elements such as a shopping cart are not hidden under a hamburger menu. Also, consider the positioning of your navigation. Sometimes navigation tethered to the bottom of the screen works better because it is easier to reach.

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Other good techniques involve limiting the use of web fonts, reducing reliance on javascript, avoiding third party code and using a CDN (especially to serve imagery).

Other improvements could include:

  • Introduce anchors to take people to relevant content on the page.
  • Favour a single-column layout.
  • Relentlessly remove elements that do not directly address user questions. Typical examples would include purely decorative imagery and ‘happy talk
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Maze is great. Fast too. 100 or so testers in less than 24 hours. Price is decent.

You do need some experience in setting up the tests well. The results will only be as good as the test is in the first place.