Improve decision-making on a pricing page

Business benefits

Guide your customers towards the choice you want them to make.

Analyze your audience to better understand the types of pain points and motivators that would cause them to choose one product over another.

Create a pricing table that lists 2-3 products you offer, at different price points.

Add the features that answer pain points and motivators you found in your analysis. Clearly show which features are available in each product.

This makes it easier for customers to compare the products at a glance.

Highlight the preferred option that you want customers to pick.

This should clearly provide the best balance of features and price.

Add a decoy product to your table that has a much higher price but minimal extra features compared to your preferred option.

A decoy product makes your preferred option look better just by being worse value. Occasionally someone will buy the decoy; that’s OK because you get more profit from it.

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