Identify and map customer journey touchpoints

Business Benefits

Improve retention, increase sales conversion, and cultivate brand loyalty.

Perform market research to get a sense of pain points that your product solves and its potential market.

It’s important to remember that we can never create demand for a product; we can only speak to those who have it.

Perform user research to learn about your TAM (total addressable market) and its potential.

How many customers are aware that there is a solution to the pain point that your product alleviates?

You can figure this out by more research. Keyword research, recording monthly search volumes, is one of the best ways to identify how many people are searching for these solutions every month.

Identify how and when your customers come to know about your brand or product. This could be as simple as sending out a quick survey or conducting customer research.

After your prospects are aware of their problem, the next step is to be aware of you.

Look at branded search - keywords that contain your brand name - to understand your visibility for SEO. Look for new users in your website analytics to see how many new people are getting to your site in a given time period.

Of those who are aware of solutions, how many are aware of your product? This is often known as a visibility metric in SEO tools: your rankings or traffic in relation to the monthly search volume.

Measure how many prospective customers become customers.

Here are some ways to customize marketing touchpoints:

  • Of those who are aware that they have a problem, there is a solution, and your product exists, how many become customers?
  • This is the last step in mapping the customer journey. What is your conversion rate of those who are product aware to customers?


Map the touchpoints with your company along the customer journey, and calculate the best contact method for each.

You can do this with basic analytic tools like Google Analytics, to know what traffic sources are the best for each step.

For example, email should convert much higher than Facebook ads. Contextualize the job of each traffic source at each stage in the customer journey.

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