I need a playbook for Celebrity Influencers

I need a playbook to give guidance on how consumer brands sign and use celebrities for influencer marketing. Approached via management or publicist? How much should they be paid? What should be included in the agreement for deliverables? What should the celebrity do on behalf of the brand? What shouldn’t they do? What channels, tactics, and frequency make sense?

Thank you!

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Hey @lawson,

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Hi Chris

One of my colleagues literally wrote the book on Influence Marketing, here’s a couple relevant posts that may help answer some of your questions:
How to Properly Pitch Your Influencers
3 Ways to Use Influencers to Promote Your Business, Event & More
How to Write an Introduction Email to an Influencer

From what I’ve learned from my colleague Sam, celebrity does not necessarily equal influence. Real influence is the ability to drive decisions and sales, and a lot of time micro influencers can be more effective, and more affordable. (see this post on types of influencers: The 6 Types of Influencers and How To Identify Them)

As well, Sam mentioned that paying influencers isn’t necessarily the best way to work with them, but rather to engage them and get creative with ways you can help each other (e.g. produce unique content) to benefit both their audience and yours.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, Robert. In this instance, I need specifics on hiring celebrities. I like the idea of “helping each other” versus pay, but that probably is not applicable in this category at this level.

Thanks for the links!


I found this link yesterday, and it is very helpful…but I still wonder if there are any specific nuances to hiring athletes or celebrities as influencers. Any insights?