How to pivot from SEO Specialist to CRO Specialist


I’m an SEO Specialist with 1.5 years of experience primarily focused on content marketing. Now, I’m looking to transition into CRO and seeking guidance on what skills are most sought after for CRO juniors or interns.

My plan is to put my learning from CXL into practice and compile a portfolio showcasing my work. I aim to reach out to various conversion rate optimization agencies and demonstrate my value as a potential CRO intern or junior. Since I’m currently unemployed and using free or affordable online resources, I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions for valuable exercises that I can undertake.

For instance, I’ve come across the Momoko Price Product Message course, which I find amazing and plan to use for my exercises. My approach would involve picking some SAAS companies and analyzing their content to apply the principles I’ve learned.

Thank you for your assistance!

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Hi @anadanielacolina

This is a great suggestion and I recommend building up a portfolio of similar exercises. There are a few courses that have these types of exercises built in.

Others have done similarly like here.

I would also checkout this playbook and all the steps in it for other ideas of things you can do.

If you are looking to reach out to agencies perhaps have a look at these playbooks for ideas of what things they look for.


Hi, thank you very much for your reply, hesh_fekry! I will take a look at those playbooks and apply what I learned. I will soon post some of my exercises for feedback, thank you for the great community :slight_smile: