How should I go about learning? (For FB Ads)

Hey CXL Fam!

I’m looking to get extremely good at FB Ads.

Definition of extremely good to me would be able to run campaigns, & see consistently good results overall.

Are the two courses on Facebook Ads Creative & Facebook Ads Ecommerce enough?

How should I be proceeding with this with CXL?

Thanks y’all!:slight_smile:

p.s. End result is to be able to help increase % revenue for businesses in the sustainable fashion space as I have a passion for it! Let me know your thoughts:)


There is also an upcoming facebook ads course that isnt focused on ecom.

@tania also collected a bunch of resources on this topic.

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I’m focused solely on E-commerce! :smile:

Where can I find the treasure trove that tania has collected?


Hey @briannjho,

Welcome welcome :slight_smile: Here is the treasure trove I collected to help you master FB Ads.

Courses and blogs that will help:

The 2 courses you asked about from our our latest Ecommerce minidegree will absolutely help build your mastery of FB Ads in the e-comm space.

For case studies and other real-life examples from experts working with Facebook ads in e-comm, you can read these blogs.

You can also learn exactly how to execute on specific tasks by skimming these playbooks. If you end up having questions or getting stuck, we’re always here to help guide you.

A heavy focus on running FB ads campaigns & seeing consistent results, as requested.

Step-by-step playbooks for you:

After going through the resources selected for you, let us know what you think by replying to this thread. Anything you share - including questions & feedback - helps us provide you even more invaluable resources. :slight_smile:

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If you want even more, you can also check the ecommerce sub category or tags ere to find around hundreds more playbooks.

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