How do you plan your marketing strategy for the upcoming quarter?

Hey everyone, how do you plan your marketing strategy for the upcoming quarter?



Hey @julian.schaaf Welcome to the community.

At CXL we set strategy at a higher level, that includes Product, CS and Engineering as well as marketing every half year. Then this trickles down to the marketing strategy.

It depends a lot on your context. How do you do it?

Curious what @boagworld, @Irina_Tudorache and @wolfgang.feger think?


Hey Julian! As @hesh_fekry said we are doing it every half of year but the most important part is documenting what is going on throughout the year and also having a ear (pun intendend) for what / how the market is moving. Sometimes its important to be able to pivot or just go where the puck will be in the future.
I think marketing would do better with sprint work sometimes :smiley:


For us is different (B2C), we do backward chaining, meaning we start from one goal- we need a certain revenue. This backwards is made by a certain number of orders and customer spend. Backwards again, we allocate budget depending on how many new customers we estimate (based on past orders and seasonality) and the channels that proved to be reliable so far in terms of costs. I’m afraid I can’t tell tactically how my colleagues decide to stop campaigns or continue them but what I can tell is we do constant SEO + influencer marketing + email marketing, this never changes as it’s predictable and helps with increasing purchasing frequency. Ultimately it’s all about increasing profit and in eCommerce we adapt monthly the strategy based on market.

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Thank you Irina,

@julian.schaaf Forgot to mention we also use WIGs (wildly important goals) and leading metrics.

For example if you have a product and your goals is to have more subscribers. Your leading metric maybe Trial starts and Trial conversions etc.

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Most of my work is conversion optimization, so previous data primarily drive any strategy I am involved in. So, for example, I am looking at different channels and campaigns that have run in the previous quarter and looking at their performance to see where future effort is placed.

Equally, I am looking at page performance from the previous quarter on the site to identify drop-off points or underperforming pages. These become the focus for the next quarter’s optimization.


Hi @julian.schaaf

Just wondering what your thoughts are on the above suggestions.

How do you approach your quarterly planning?

It might sound a bit simplistic, but for my project in the B2B niche - it’s this: Keep what’s working and ditch what doesn’t. We roll things out monthly, and measure performance quarterly.

Right now, it’s a whole lot of work on how to align marketing with sales properly so everyone can work efficiently without goin’ into WW3. Not to mention, aligning all goals to two new service offerings for Q3-Q4 you start to wonder just what’s the limit to your brain’s bandwidth (laughs).

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