How do you create a positioning story for a B2B2C marketplace?

Given that in a B2B2C marketplace both B and C are our customers, how does one go about defining an overarching company positioning?

Working on creating a Positioning Story using Brendan Dell’s approach (great stuff btw)



This is a very very good question. Indeed most resources seem to tackle one or the other.

To better help you it would be helpful if you give me a bit of context, I can ask Peep if he has some advice for you, but a little bit more information would go a long way.

Can you give me an idea which industry/product etc you are working with?

Whilst i get a better answer for you, I did have a look round for you and I believe this post about B2B2C from Helen Min who worked at Facebook, Dropbox and Quora seems fairly legit if a bit high level -

Some case studies could be helpful too.

Check out Do you even resonate, by peep before? It goes over messaging which normally hits the Value prop and positioning pieces mentioned in Helen mins post.


Thanks for the response! Sure, it’s a talent recruiting marketplace.

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Hi @jesuslopez

So I have answers for you from both Peep and Brendan.

Peep Laja:

the answer is that you do separate positioning for each product/audience. The website likely channels people to different paths based on B2B or B2C. So the value props are distinct for each side.

On the home page you focus on the “hard side” or the bigger side while trying to funnel the other traffic to some other page.

Brendan Dell:

This is a great question. Quick thoughts are, the primary company position is for the user. Think Uber: position the company for the useres and then the providers come.
You need both but the big shift is likely to be the end user adoption. Also, if you identify the right “new game” then it may work for both. Let’s say their shift was something around remote work or flexible work, it’s just a slight pivot for the users. Prep your workforce for remote work, and Thrive as a remote worker (as quick and dirty examples)

Does this answer your question?

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This helps a lot. I’m back to the drawing board!