How can I see bulk google search ads? Is there any tool around it?

I was looking to see a tool that can help to see ads others advertisers are running on google

Can anyone help me here

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Hmm are we talking about something like this

I checked these playbooks which are similar and they suggested a couple of other tools. From what i saw google ads has the least coverage. But im not super in the know about these tools.

Perhaps @whoiseddie knows something

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While it may not be google, one I would use is:

It can be useful to see ads of competitors outside of Google.

If you’re looking for Google specifically, the most success I’ve had monitoring real time ads has been using bots to scrape the first page of the result on a recurring basis. While that’s not the easiest approach as in what Hesh posted, I’m not really aware of any out of the box solutions.

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I use SpyFu and Hubspot to monitor competitor ad copies for google search.

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