GTM- Link Click or Click Element?

Hi in the course Google Tag Manager for Beginners the teacher explain the difference between link clicks and click element with an example with the twitter button on his website.
When he choose to track twitter with click element is cause gtm didn’t track twitter like link click.
In my case gtm tracks the button as link click. I tried to track also like click element in fact in debug view i have 2 track link click and shar ( click element) but i think is not correct.

So the question is:

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Hi Matteo,

Thanks for posting your question! @jessica_best @whoiseddie can you weigh in on this?

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@devjunglesnake If Google Tag Manager (GTM) is tracking your Twitter button click as a link click, you do not necessarily need to track it with a click element tag. However, it may depend on your specific tracking needs and goals.

The difference between a link click and a click element tag in GTM is that a link click tag is triggered when a user clicks on a link that takes them to a new page or a different part of the same page. A click element tag, on the other hand, is triggered when a user clicks on any element on a web page, such as a button, image, or form field.