Grab prospects' attention

Business Benefits

Ensure prospects remain engaged and follow the flow towards an action like signup or purchase.

Break up pages of text-heavy content into more visually interesting segments by adding images, and using variations in background color and text positioning.

These small changes can make the whole thing more interesting to read, increasing the duration of our attention.

Create and emphasize visual novelty by avoiding page design with too much repetition or predictable layouts.

For example, change up the layout, use graphics, and present a new path for the eye to follow every second. Users will ignore sameness, but will pay attention to different.

Use contrasting images and headings to prove your product’s promise.

For example, before vs after, risk vs safety, and with vs without.

Create a connection by reinforcing your messages with emotional imagery and copy.

For example, the classic Patek Philippe advertisements of a father and son sharing an experience that speaks of care, family, heritage, and generation.

Structure the content of your pages with a clear introduction, your value proposition, followed by the body, sales copy, and finish by directing your audience to what’s next with a call to action.

Users will maintain interest if information is presented as a sequential flow.

Design your pages with an F-pattern layout so people that scan your website, will be able to grab the most important parts quickly.

Eye-tracking visualizations show that users often read website content in an F-shaped pattern: two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe.

Use image-based examples introduced by the phrase, Let me show you what I mean… to demonstrate concepts and provide answers to user questions.

Visual stimuli are processed faster by users, than words and concepts.

Measure your site loading speed using Pingdom, then make your site perform faster by using Google PageSpeed Insights.

Additionally, you can use a CDN or Cloudflare, and if you’re on WordPress, use HTTP caching or caching plugins.

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