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I have a Google Tag Manager Question:

I set up link tracking via Google Tag Manager for specific links on the Downloads Page. The tag is set up as a GA Universal Analytics Tag and I now see those link clicks under Events in Google Analytics.

I would like to create a Google Ads Conversion Tag tracking those same links to optimize my ads for downloads.

If the two tags are the same, could it result in double tracking those links?


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Hey @iiurchenko, welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Let me tag some folks who may be able to help. @paul_kirspuu, @leandro_griboff, @alex_birkett; what do you think? Will using similar tags result in double tracking the links mentioned above?

Appreciate your help!

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Hi @iiurchenko , GA and Google Ads tags are different; you shouldn’t have any issues. Quick reminder, you have at least two ways to track your conversion in Google Ads:

  1. Create a goal in GA for the link tracking event and import that goal into Google ads
  2. Create a conversion action in Google Ads and implement the conversion in GTM to fire using the same trigger as the GA event.
    I hope this helps you.

Thanks so much, @leandro_griboff! I’m gonna go with Option 2 then.


Hi, @iiurchenko. Just trying to enrich the topic here, I usually prefer the second option as well, because if you are working with GA Universal, you won’t have any problem migrating to GA4.

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Hi @waboratto! Thanks for your input, option 2 it is:)

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