Go to market and getting first clients for one of my clients?

I have a use case with one client, and I think sharing it with the community will give me positive suggestions on how to deal with it.

I have a client that has a startup in the healthcare sector in the USA. He built the initial product and he didn’t achieve the product-market fit yet. He wants me His main problem is getting accepted by the first clients to test his product and see if he achieves the PMF.

He initially asked me for an SEO ranking increase because he thought that it was the best way to get more traffic/clients. Me, I see that their main problem is to rapidly get leads that accept testing their product because it’s not 100% completed by doing lead generation for them to get some leads that can test their product and incrementally work on SEO.

The personas who will use the product are mainly healthcare clinics and companies, especially companies that produce medical devices and treatments, and the leads that seem interesting to me are owners and decision-makers of hospitals and clinics because those who can decide if they accept the software in their internal system, especially that some of them are afraid of the privacy of their data.

For lead generation, I’m thinking of getting some public data via web scrapping from Linkedin, google maps, and associations websites to start communicating with them via email marketing and try to make their testers to the product.

Anyone can suggest any approach on how to solve this client problem, and if my suggestions make sense?

I’m open to adding any additional information about that

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Hey @gh_bennaceur Great question.

Will track down some internal resources for you to see if there is anything there. In the meantime perhaps @whoiseddie @jessica_best and @pablo have some thoughts?

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I agree that a targeted “account-based marketing” or direct sales approach is a better fit to garner the FIRST client. Someone who can beta test it (maybe at a discount) and give you a case study and some social proof to use in more broad advertising. Try attending/exhibiting at trade shows or try using that LinkedIn list to call on individuals that can make or influence that decision.

Warning, though: Don’t scrape email addresses from LinkedIn and just add them to an email marketing list and blast 'em. Email marketing (en masse) only works when someone has given you their email address and their permission to use it. Plus, it’s often a requirement in your email platform Terms & Conditions that you will only send to those who have opted in. And as more states enact privacy laws for consumer control of their own data, you don’t want to be caught “scraping” data for business gain. That’s not formal legal advice, but my personal reco.