Get the most out of NPS surveys

Business Benefits

Improve customer experience and boost revenue.

Survey customers immediately after they did something that resulted in or brought them closer to achieving value.

Surveying customers while they’re in a positive frame of mind can reinforce their positive feelings toward you and their self-identification as a promoter. This can create an ideal environment for asking a promoter for additional action, such as sharing with a friend or giving a positive public review.

Ask open-ended follow-up questions to get qualitative feedback along with your quantitative NPS data.

The real value in NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys comes from the feedback in follow-up questions and the most actionable part of NPS surveys is the categorization of comments from promoters, passives and detractors. Some recommended follow up questions are:

  • Promoters: What’s your favorite part about our product/service?
  • Passives: What would make you love us?
  • Detractors: What could we do to improve your experience?

Combine NPS with user research to identify specific issues that correlate with low NPS scores.

User research can help you find other issues independent of NPS, such as site navigation issues or clarity issues in your copy. Techniques that can help pinpoint these issues include:

Use your NPS data, answers to your follow-up questions, and user research to develop and prioritize test ideas.

NPS could and should include more of the whole on-site user experience so that optimization teams can work on issues customers voiced on the survey. Investigate why detractors had an unpleasant experience and why they wouldn’t recommend you to resolve issues and turn them into promoters.

Ask or incentivize your promoters to advocate your brand.

Just because your promoters say they’d recommend you, it doesn’t mean that they jump up and do so. Whether it’s getting them to write a review for you, email a friend, or share your site on Facebook or Twitter, promoters often need to be told how. Offering them a small gift, such as a discount or freebie, can serve as an incentive for them to advocate your brand.

Analyze your NPS data to find correlative actions that may predict success.

  • If asking for recommendations doesn’t work for your business, finding correlations between certain product actions and a higher NPS could help deduce at what point your users are truly activated and likely to have a positive experience.
  • Look at every major action in your product, like searches, product views, and Add to Cart clicks, and determine whether there are any clear correlations with NPS scores.
  • Use these correlations to focus on product optimizations to get more of your user base to this point.

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