Get started with machine learning for marketing

Business Benefits

Increase the efficiency and results of your marketing campaigns.

Talk to your IT department to gain insights on where your business can be efficient whilst implementing machine learning.

Read books and watch tutorials on statistics to better understand the terms used in machine learning, when discussing with your developers.

Focus your attention on learning concepts such as sampling and statistical significance, to know how to quantify success.

Understand the basics of machine learning and how they operate on the surface level through study, for example, listen to podcasts and read blog posts to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary.

This will help make conversions less confusing when talking to developers.

Use existing data sources to implement machine learning to increase data efficiency.

Execute machine learning tasks on large scale data sets, to identify patterns and help your marketing efforts.

Select AI tools such as Boomtrain or Kensho, to help your business create better marketing campaigns.

You can also use any AI software, including Facebook’s machine learning, to optimize your campaigns and increase the ROI of your ad spend.

Create experiments by allowing AI to personalize campaigns tests, monitor social media, or automate messaging bots.

For example, program your AI to send alerts about poor performing campaigns or optimize the budget.

Use statistics and raw data generated by the AI, to optimize and deliver your campaign more effectively by using the generated numbers to guide your marketing efforts.

For example, set social media campaigns to, recommended to deliver campaigns, using previous user interactions.

Talk to your stakeholders about the benefits of implementing machine learning to better their business.

Create one time experiments to highlight how machine learning can lead to better results for the company. Leverage your data sources, and allow developers or tools to create mechanisms where your marketing efforts need improvements.