Get organic traffic on Pinterest



Business Benefits

Improve audience engagement and organic views on your Pinterest profile and drive more traffic to your website.

Create a business profile, verify your business website’s domain, and fill out your Pinterest profile.

When filling out your profile, make sure you fill out every field, add a cover image and profile picture, and include keywords you would like to target.

Enable Rich Pins to sync information between your website and Pins.

Product Rich Pins include up-to-date information about availability, price, and specifications of products available for sale on your website.

Search Pinterest Trends to identify popular topics associated with your content.

Create 10 boards under your profile that correspond to product or blog post categories on your website.

Use titles that match Pinterest search suggestions and descriptions with high-volume business keywords.

Showcase stories on everyday challenges related to your industry rather than directly selling your products.

For example, a finance company could post a Pin like 5 Saving Tips for Young Professionals that combine finance with daily problems.

Include product links only where they’re useful to the reader - for example, a DIY Pin that shows people how to decorate for Halloween on a budget and links to products used in the decorations.

Place a call to action at the bottom of your Pin to link to a blog post or webpage.

Use keywords in your Pin’s title, description, and hashtags to increase its rank in user search results.

Create 5-10 Pins for every blog post on your website.

  • Use design templates and recurrent pins used by competitors as a reference point for your pins.
  • Use different templates with different headlines but keep a consistent aesthetic and color scheme.
  • Post them over a few days and see which ones receive the most click-throughs.
  • Run paid ads using the Pin that receives maximum click-throughs.

Automate your posting schedule with a tool like Tailwind, basing your initial post frequency on how often your competitors post.

Later you can test posting more or less frequently to see if you can improve engagement rates.

RePin relevant content from other profiles to improve your content score.

Post fewer rePins than original Pins to keep your content feed unique.

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