Get marketing ideas from audience research

Business Benefits

Improve your marketing strategy.

Decide on area of your marketing efforts to focus on.

For example, is your goal to produce relevant content, effective ad creative, or an engaging chatbot? Is there a demographic you’d like your marketing to resonate with?

Identify goals that are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound.

Define who you want to get information from, including demographics, where you’ll get contact information, audience behaviors, and communication channels with high response rates.

If you are sourcing ideas through social media posts or ad campaigns, you may also need to build a list of related keywords or targeting parameters to engage with the right people.

Using your area of focus and audience targeting strategy, build a 3-5 question survey using a platform like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms.

Engage with communities similar to your audience to capture marketing ideas related to your area of focus.

Reddit, Twitch, and Quora are great places to find these communities.

Host a live panel interview with customers or prospects.

Your panel interview should provide a greater understanding of:

  • Trending topics.
  • Implementation strategies.
  • High response marketing tactics.
  • Conversion points worth exploring.

Use product-led webinars to identify marketing that the audience would be most interested in receiving.

Consider using Zoom’s built-in Q&A functionality as a way to ask questions without relying on your audience to participate in discussions.

Turn your most surprising audience comment or feedback into a marketing idea.

For example, if many people indicate that they are no longer using your most popular social media platform, you might shift your social media marketing to a different platform.

Review trending Twitter hashtags and topics for marketing ideas. By default, Twitter’s algorithm prioritizes trending hashtags and topics based on your location and who you follow.

You can also expand these Twitter trends to target specific topics or locations, expanding to potential marketing ideas that are available.

Test the ideas you have generated using an experimentation framework.