Get management buy-in for CRO

Business Benefits

Get buy-in for CRO from the right people.

Sell testing as a way to find answers to business problems in a scientific way.

Most people have been trained to think they must have answers, were rewarded when they were right, and punished when they were wrong. Sell testing as a relief to this stress: nobody has answers answers, but everyone has great ideas. All of those ideas are equal and testing these ideas is the only way to find the answers.

Use website and email testing tools and systems, to make it easy to get started and find quick wins, before building out the CRO team and asking for a bigger investment.

Create checklists and materials that make testing processes easy to follow. Shoulder the load and do as much as you can before trying to get others interested and involved.

Emphasize that optimization reduces risk, and clarify that tests can start small.

Conduct smaller tests until management feels more comfortable scaling CRO.

Sell the benefits of optimization, and talk about the actual results that optimization can bring, instead of focusing on the features.

Be mindful of the language you use when describing optimization’s value. For example, management won’t care about conversion rates; they care about the extra profit optimization brings in.

Remind management that all successful and innovative companies, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, continuously test and optimize.

Optimization isn’t just a nice thing to have, it’s essential to be one of the best.

Create a pilot program using a team that needs the least convincing as your pilot group.

Use teams you have rapport with, that like to try new things, and that can get stuff done to ensure quick wins in the beginning.

Find an influencer within the organization who supports trying new things, find problems they already have, and demonstrate how optimization can solve them.

Emphasize the benefits, start with smaller tests for quick wins, and report back your findings with hard numbers relevant to their performance metrics.