Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions:

Do I have to complete the certification in 12 weeks or can I take the full 6 months?

The program is designed to fit in your lifestyle, therefore, you can certainly take the full 6 months in case you cannot complete the certification in 12 weeks. You will still be matched with employers, however, some employers do require that you are fully certified with CXL prior to interviews.

Are the courses/lessons live or pre-recorded?

Everything is pre-recorded, including the assessments, you can study whenever it is convenient for you.

I am interested in learning via CXL but I do not want to switch jobs, I am happy in my current role/company, can I still join the program?

Yes, absolutely. You are under no obligation to participate in interviews or accept job offers. Some professionals are open to interviewing and “testing the waters” only next year, or after they complete a current project they are working on. Circumstances are different for everyone, the program is designed to add value to your career development and facilitate your next job - only IF you want to :slight_smile:

When will I get matched with employers?

You could receive matches from day 1, however, some employers require that you are certified with CXL first.

How frequently will I get matched with employers?

That varies A LOT, and it’s important to set the correct expectation. Not every position will be the right fit for you. Once a potential match comes along, I will contact you individually to present you the opportunity. We are going to talk about the company, the role, the expectations, the pay, the benefits, etc. With all of that information, you can decide whether or not you are interested in participating in the process and getting to know the company and team better. There might be periods where many positions fall within your expectations and are aligned with what you are looking for, which is great. But there might be times when the positions available are not what you are looking for.

This process is done responsibly, 100% tailored to each professional to ensure it aligns your immediate and long term career goals, which means it might not happen immediately. Switching jobs can be scary, we want to make sure this decision will make sense to YOU and will feel 100% right.

When do I have to enroll in the program?

Whenever YOU decide. If the program feels like it’s something you’d love to participate in but now is not the right time, don’t worry. You can always keep this email and enroll whenever you are available.