Fred Pike's playbooks on bounce rates and GA/GTM coverage

About Fred Pike

Experienced presenter, teacher, and blogger on GA, GA4, and GTM topics.

Has taught technical courses for years. Some speaking gigs:

  • SuperWeek (Hungary) and SuperWeek TV
  • MeasureSchool (Berlin - virtual)
  • CXL - webinars and courses
  • SDEC (Search Discovery Education Community)
  • MeasureCampNA

Not the guy who’s going to design your website. But he can make sure it’s working well.

First degree was in psychology. Fascinated by how people find a website, and how to nudge them to your site instead of a different one. SEO, PPC, referral, or whatever - loves studying and improving that whole visitor arc.

Second degree , an MBA in Finance. Very particular about making sure Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are set up correctly and are reporting real data.

Contributions to playbook community

Involved as - Writer, Expert and CXL Instructor for 3 CXL courses: “GA API”, “Excel 4 Marketers”, & “GA Audit”.

2 Playbooks

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