Fix Data Discrepancies between GA and a CRM/CMS tools

Business Benefits

Fix discrepancies to identify missing conversions and keep data consistent.

Add a unique ID to your confirmation page URLs and set the pages to “noindex” if Google Analytics is recording duplicate conversions.

Adding a unique ID changes generic confirmation pages like “<;” to “<;” and ensures they’re only viewable once.

Automatically redirect users who try to reload their confirmation page, or access it from a bookmark to a relevant page, like an order details page. Deindexing your confirmation pages ensure users can’t visit them directly from a search.

Use filters in Google Analytics to exclude traffic from office or company IP addresses when conducting tests, to minimize duplicate conversions.

Test conversion flows on a staging URL.

Regularly test and review your setups when creating new conversion opportunities to ensure Google Analytics doesn’t miss any conversions.

Check setups at least once every 3 to 6 months. You can also set up custom alerts in Google Analytics to spot dramatic changes in conversions.

Use Google Analytics Events instead of confirmation pages if there can be more than one conversion per session, to ensure all conversions are tracked.

Use custom dimensions to store payment gateway information directly in Google Analytics, if Google Analytics isn’t tracking some of them.

Check which payment types have issues by comparing data from your custom dimensions against back-end numbers. You can also adjust Google Analytics’ settings to capture that data, as long as you’ve enabled Enhanced Ecommerce.

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