Find the channels with the best reach

Business Benefits

Optimize your marketing strategy.

Review your target audience and buyer personas to understand their channel preferences.

Perform a competitive analysis to learn which channels are most frequently used in your industry.

Analyze your current channels based on their overlap with audience preferences and competitive presence.

Review your channels’ current audience reach using tools like Google Analytics and channel-specific platforms like Facebook Insights.

Identify channels with the lowest current reach or competitive overlap. Eliminate these channels to free up resources for channels with higher reach potential.

For each eliminated channel, identify a new channel to test, based on your research.

Test any new channel for at least six weeks to determine its reach potential.

Repeat your reach analysis at least once per year to continue optimizing your channel mix.

It would be useful to know HOW to test a channel. There are many different metrics that you can measure a channel buy from engagement to click-throughs all the way to conversions.

This isn’t really my area of expertise so I would love to see a little more explanation around some of these points. How exactly do I work out what channels my audience favor?