Find mom influencers

Business Benefits

Increase brand awareness among relevant audiences. 

Define your target market and decide if partnerships with mom influencers can help you reach key audiences.

Mom influencers are social media users who inspire their followers through parenthood focused content. Their accounts appeal to pregnant women, aspiring mothers, and parents with young families.

As a result, you can expect the audiences of these large accounts to be primarily comprised of young professionals aged 25-40. According to Forbes, moms, in particular, are over traditional advertising. So, the best way to reach them is through other moms in the same stages of life.

Identify the platforms that host mom influencers.

Modern moms can be found on nearly all social media platforms. The key is finding the platforms that host both the influencers and content you need.

  • Pinterest: This platform is a great place to discover popular mom blogs. Due to its text-based format, Pinterest is great for showcasing baby health and wellness products. Posts can feature product ingredients, which will be of concern to moms.
  • Instagram and Facebook: These websites, owned by the same company, both focus primarily on video and visual content. This makes it a great place to show off products like strollers and toddler outfits.
  • TikTok and YouTube: These platforms, which feature engaging videos, are great for products that require a demonstration or are best showcased in action.

Find mom communities by searching relevant hashtags.

Posting original content with popular mom hashtags can increase awareness of your brand and provide opportunities for forming mutually beneficial partnerships. You can also peruse existing posts under these tags to discover top users. Popular hashtags include:

  • #momblogger
  • #momblog
  • #mombloggersofig
  • #momblogging
  • #childcare
  • #childhood
  • #parentingtips

Create a pool of potential partners and identify cross platform audiences.

When you find a group of influencers who align with your brand values, add them to your list of potential partners. There’s a chance some mom influencer accounts have shared fans. Tools exist to cross check follower lists and identify any overlaps. Some of these resources include:

  • Facebook for Business’s Audience Overlap Tool.
  • SEMrush.
  • Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool, Amazon.

Overlaps can be useful. Multiple sources promoting the same product can positively impact consumer confidence. If you choose to take advantage of overlaps, try to develop unique promotional styles and copy for each influencer.

Reach out to the influencer with mutually beneficial partnership terms.

Mom influencers can be contacted through their business emails or direct messages on social media platforms. All outreach to these influencers should be professional and acknowledge their hard work in building their brands. In addition, be clear about what you’re proposing, especially in areas like:

  • Pay.
  • Posting and cross posting expectations.
  • Terms of any partner giveaways and promotions.

While many moms appreciate receiving family focused products they can use, understand that a partnership is a job and pay is expected.

Plan a brand awareness campaign that engages the influencer’s audience.

Social media marketing campaigns come in many forms. Depending on your platform, partner, and products, you may consider:

  • Providing the influencer and her followers with coupon codes.
  • Hosting a giveaway on the influencer’s platform.
  • Paying for a sponsored blog post.
  • Doing an unboxing or product demonstration.

Measure the success of your marketing efforts by examining key platform data.

Measuring the impact of your mom influencer partnership is key for future marketing plans. This data can be measured by:

  • Affiliate link click throughs.
  • Coupon code usage.
  • Website traffic following influencer posts.

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