Find mobile navigation issues using heatmaps



Business Benefits

Use heat map technology to analyze the quality of your app’s user experience to improve conversions and increase revenue.

Research and demo different heat map platforms. Some common and popular heat maps for this use case include Smartlook and Mouseflow.

Mobile app and website heatmaps capture in-app interactions and engagement from your users. They provide visual insight into how your users navigate your website and when they tend to bounce using colors. Red will typically indicate significant user engagement and blue will indicate low levels of engagement.

This information can be used to determine what parts of your navigation are causing issues for your users or are simply not being used at all.

Opt for a heatmap product that provides more detailed analytics like UXCam and Hotjar.

Many heatmap applications will have detailed analytics available that show actions that go beyond simple single taps. This is useful because it can show you where users are double-tapping, swiping, zooming, etc.

Areas in which users are engaging with taps and swipes will be hotter (red, orange, yellow) on a heat map, while more neglected areas will be cool (green, blue, violet).

Opt for a heatmap product that is mobile-specific like Chartbeat and Hotjar.

Because more people are shopping and browsing online via mobile devices, it’s important to look for a heatmap platform that is specific to mobile devices and can offer mobile-specific insight. Such insight includes tap count, touch count, scrolling, and bouncing.

Use your chosen heat maps to look at significant elements of your navigation that are used the most. Once you’ve identified which elements or pages your users are spending the most time on, consider different ways you can make those more accessible and valuable.

Use the “number of events” metric to identify where users are tapping on elements that are not driving them towards conversion pages.

Use your heat map to find content that is gaining traffic but not serving your app’s purpose like eye-catching graphics, links with emotional copy, arrows, etc.

Change links to more conversion-friendly pages.