Find low competition keywords

Business benefits

Fill your topic backlog and build out your content roadmap.

Identify your primary keywords that are associated with your business.

Step explanation

Create or open your content roadmap spreadsheet.

This will be your spreadsheet that contains all the keyword data you extract throughout your research.

Install the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension.

Head to the Keywords Everywhere website or Chrome Store and install the extension on your preferred browser.

Search separately for each of your primary keywords in Google.

Highlight and copy the keywords under the Related Keywords and Long-Tail Keywords column for Keywords Everywhere.

The Keywords Everywhere columns will automatically display alongside your Google search results.

Paste the keywords into Ahrefs Keyword Explorer and export the data as a CSV file, then import it as a new sheet into your content roadmap spreadsheet.

You can call this tab Keywords Everywhere.

Go to AnswerThePublic, enter your head keyword, and press search.

Export the data as a CSV and import the file into Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

This will allow you to get the search volume data and other metrics that may be relevant to your keyword research.

Export the data from Ahrefs and import into your content roadmap spreadsheet.

Add this under a new sheet on a different tab called head keyword permutations to keep the data separated and easy to navigate.

Repeat with all primary keywords related to your business and remove duplicates from the spreadsheet.