Find broken funnels using Google Analytics

Business Benefits

Ensure that your GA reports will be calculated correctly.

Navigate to Conversions > Goals > Funnel Visualization to see where the biggest funnel leaks are occurring.

For example, you might uncover that your homepage is converting a few clients, or that your Subscribe page is the weakest link.

Analyze your Funnel Visualization report for data that would indicate broken GA funnel steps.

For example, 100% conversion is a red flag that a funnel step is broken.

Check and map out the funnel URL structure manually to compare with your GA goal setup.

An ecommerce site funnel might look like this: Home ? category & search ? product ? cart ? checkout step 1 (shipping) ? step 2 (billing) ? step (review) ? completed.

Calculate your funnel manually to make sure data is counted correctly for each step.

Go to Behavior > Site content > All Pages report, enter the URL identifiers of the layer - for example, /products/ or /cart/ - and count the unique pageviews per layer.

Reference the numbers against what you see in the Funnel Visualization report.

Create a separate funnel for those that merge into one to measure each journey separately.

For example, a guest checkout versus a first-time buyer who registers versus a returning customer who logs in.

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